Rosie’s Place – Zionsville

Restaurant Name: Rosie’s Place
Address: 10 South Main Street, Zionsville, IN
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California Egg Sandwich

This morning I met with my coworker Adrian for breakfast and we decided to venture to downtown Zionsville, IN and enjoy the food at Rosie’s Place. The last time we went here (before this blog was started) I had their breakfast taco’s and they were AMAZING! Surprisingly both the breakfast taco’s I had last time and the meal I’m about to review had no meat in it!?!?! Crazy right? You’d think a site like this is 100% into just meat, which is a majority of this sites emphasis, but ultimately this site is all about really good food.

The “California Egg Sandwich” at Rosie’s Place consists of “2 eggs any style, baby spinach, tomato, avocado and herb cream cheese on grilled ciabatta, served with country potatoes” per their menu. I paired this dish with their “Granola Parfait” which is “Layers of creamy vanilla yogurt, fresh mixed berries, & granola” and some fresh coffee.

So let me start with the APPEARANCE of this once it hit the table…GREAT looking plate and glass! Splitting the sandwich in half and showcasing the components of the sandwich makes it stand out and not be in the same tone of color as the country potatoes. The berry wedges on the top of the yogurt parfait glass really make it pop and the layering of the yogurt, granola, and fruit really makes you want to eat the whole thing in one sitting (which I almost did). Good size plate that wasn’t too small or too large and an easy enough plate to handle. The portions were spot on and in fact, as I’m writing this post which is about 5 hours after I ate this I’m still pretty full and skipping on my lunch today which is rare. I don’t care if my food touches so that’s fine with me…if you don’t like your food touching then you may need to request that.

The sandwich in of itself speaks one main word really loud and it’s the word “FRESH!”. The bread is freshly baked and the components of the sandwich are prepped that morning and the flavors of the avocado and the herb cream really compliment the eggs, spinach, and tomato. Every bite is full of those flavors with not any one flavor overpowering the other and it’s not a messy sandwich to eat as in no drippings of the herb cream as it’s a perfect amount and the ciabatta bread has a little bit of a crunch to it so that helps absorb any moisture from the herb cream.

Finding a negative to this dish is difficult. Really the only thing that I could critique negatively would be the amount of the scrambled egg white hanging over. If you look back at the picture above there’s about 1.5″ to 2″ of egg white extending beyond the bread which can make it difficult to grab at first. I’ve got big hands though so I was able to manage well. Not really sure how Rosie’s Place could alleviate that outside of cutting the scrambled egg whites after they’re cooked.


All in all, the California Egg Sandwich at Rosie’s Place in Zionsville is an absolute must try for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Great balance of flavors and freshness take this dish over the top.

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