Burgerhaus – Indianapolis

Restaurant: Burgerhaus – Indianapolis
Address: 335 West 9th Street, Indianapolis, IN
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The Jamestown Burger

Today a couple coworkers and I were renewing our CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications near downtown Indianapolis and over our lunch break ventured over to the northern end of the Canal to enjoy this neat little German style burger pub joint. Nestled about 50′ from the canal waters, Burgerhaus has both bar seating, indoor seating, and outdoor patio seating available.

“Our all-white-meat turkey burger on top of wine mayo and a bed of spinach, topped with cheddar cheese, caramel apples, potato sticks and cranberry relish, on a fresh pretzel bun. Served with sweet potato fries.”

Today I partook in the burger of the month known as the “Jamestown”. This dish was absolutely exploding with flavors in every bite and easily jumps into one of my favorite burgers of all time. From the get go this plate has a lot going on! The burger comes across a little bit looking almost “open face” as the top bun is propped back a little bit and the toppings are visible to the eye and for the most part appealing. The metal wire basket for the sweet potato fries is a really nice contemporary touch to this wild dish. The sweet potato fries are an exceptionally good visual appeal to this burger as standard fries would make the plate have pretty much the same color tones except for the pickle slices in the back and the cranberry relish topping you can see.

Taste wise…there’s definitely no shortage of flavors in this dish. I’ll start with the side of sweet potato fries. The fries were cooked pretty good and if y’all have read any of my other reviews regarding french fries I like my fries crispy and crunchy on the outside but soft and light and almost airy on the inside. These sweet potato fries check that bill hands down. The cinnamon and sugar on top of the fries was a nice twist. I’ve seen this combo before in baked sweet potatoes but never on sweet potato fries so it was a nice addition and I will admit I licked clean my fingers a handful of times!

The Jamestown burger itself was phenomenal from the standpoint of flavors coming through in each bite. I’ve had turkey burgers before and they’re typically nothing super fancy or different compared to a standard hamburger besides they’re a little leaner, less greasy, and obviously don’t taste like beef. The toppings on the Jamestown though take this turkey burger over the top. My first thought after eating it all was that it’s almost like Thanksgiving in your mouth. Thanksgiving is in a couple days and so everyone has turkey on the brain and this burger was a good introduction to the classic Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not a full Thanksgiving spread with mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, stuffing, or green beans, but the topping additions and the placement of the toppings is genius. I like the red wine mayo and spinach on the bottom bun as the other toppings are a little messy and runny so it’d really soften up the spinach and prolly wash off the red wine mayo. The turkey burger patty was cooked great. I didn’t get a chance to see if there were any grill marks on it or if the patty was cooked on a flattop. Either way, the burger was still moist which is a challenge for turkey burgers. The toppings here on out put this burger up there with the Duane Pervis All American Burger at Triple XXX Family Diner in West Lafayette, IN. The cranberry relish and the caramel apples compliment each other as they are both sweet but the cranberry adds some sour to the burger and the caramel apples adds the savory to the burger. Mix in the potato sticks and your salty flavor taste buds are appeased. The pretzel bun is an absolute must for a burger with this much going on. The toppings can get a little messy in your hands but the pretzel bun stands true and firm and slowly absorbs the moisture of the toppings without making the bun soft and sticky.

As great as this dish was…a couple things I think could use improving. The wooden toothpick to hold the burger “together” was “OK…I get it, but c’mon!” and I think the knife should’ve been used instead. Some of the caramel apples weren’t on the burger and made it look a little more messy. More pickles would’ve been nice as two don’t really cover any surface area on a burger of this size. The turkey burger patty could use some char to it to provide a more stable texture to the burger. The patty would fall apart in some bites.


All in all, this burger was honestly awesome! I had read a little bit about this place prior to today but not much else. The Jamestown is a burger for the adventurous and ones who like to go outside the box. Similar to the Duane Pervis but it’s own flare as it’s more sweeter in accent flavors when the Duane Pervis is more salty in accent flavors. I’ll definitely be coming back to taste the rest of the burgers they have there!

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