Top Golf – Fishers

Restaurant Name: Top Golf – Fishers
Address: 9200 E. 116th Street, Fishers, IN 46037
Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 

One of the absolute most fun places you can go if you’ve got a spare hour or three is Top Golf. When I first heard that a Top Golf was going to be coming near to me I was mixed on it as I had read that it’s not a place where you really work on your game because the golf balls aren’t standard weight so distances are off and the furthest you can hit is only like 215 yards so that takes my driving out of the picture. I was pleased to find out that Top Golf has a full restaurant and they take pride in the food that they serve. Take a peek at their MENU!

Chicken & Waffles Sliders – February 16, 2018

Last Saturday, the men at my church, ironically named MyChurch Indy, ventured to Top Golf for some fellowship, camaraderie, and brunch. Top Golf has surprisingly a very hipster style menu that features your traditional pub style food of appetizers, burgers,  wings, and sandwiches but also has an impressive brunch menu. For this particular visit I feasted my tastebuds on the Chicken & Waffles Sandwich

Two House Made Belgian Waffle Sliders, Crispy Chicken Tenders, Maple Syrup, and Jalapeno Gravy

The chicken and waffle sliders come out fairly basic on the plate but don’t be quick to judge a package by it’s outside. These sliders are jam packed full of goodness and makes the southern dish meet a manageable and easily handheld delight that doesn’t hold back on flavors.

If you’ve ever had chicken and waffles you know it’s basically fried chicken, waffles, butter, and maple syrup. It’s a great combination of sweet, salty, savory, crispy, crunchy, and juicy flavors. The chicken and waffles sliders at Top Golf match EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE FLAVORS!

The Belgian waffle is crispy and crunchy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. The fried chicken is crispy as well and has a decent amount of spice and heat to it. The meat is tender and juicy and really adds a nice contrasting flavor to compete with the sweetness of the Belgian waffle and the maple syrup. 

I took a bite of the slider just as is and was really good, but I think the best way to eat the sliders is to put some of the jalapeno gravy on top of the fried chicken so the slider goes waffle, fried chicken, jalapeno gravy, and then waffle…I would then dip it into the maple syrup for a great array of flavors in every bite. You get hit with the sweet first and then the salty, savory, and spicy flavors with another sweet hit to round out the bite. 

My only critique for this dish besides more than just two sliders would really only be to add some excitement to the plate when it comes out. A little cilantro, green onion, or red onion garnish would look nice. I’d also possibly recommend a maple syrup butter in lieu of the jalapeno gravy. I will admit that I don’t usually accompany gravy with my chicken and waffles, so I think a good compromise would be some butter.


The chicken and waffles sliders are mighty tasty and worth a try if you’re willing to take a risk. Chicken and waffles are non-traditional so it takes a little bit of an adventurous spirit to want to give these a try, but I assure you that your tastebuds won’t be disappointed

Grilled “Backyard” Wings

The last time I went to Top Golf it was this past Friday with a coworker and one of our concrete suppliers (Sagamore Ready-Mix). We started the weekend a little early and did some Top Golf, food, and drinks for a few hours. Looking over the “Apps + Shareables” as the menu describes it I wanted to get an order of the grilled “Backyard” wings as they sounded amazing.

Grilled “Backyard” Wings – Dry-rubbed and 24-hour citrus-brined grilled chicken wings + zesty garlic vinaigrette drizzle

When these wings come to the table it surprisingly seemed less than I was expecting. Initial look even of the picture above you can locate maybe 6 or 7 wings in this dish. Not exactly the most appealing from a quantity standpoint, but from a food standpoint the wings do look great and you can tell they’ve been grilled vs. deep fried as the char marks on the wings really comes out. The tin container that holds everything is nice and keeps everything close. If you don’t like your carrots & celery touching the wings right off the bat, don’t order these.

Reading the food description of these wings the flavors the taste buds will experience should be amazing and it definitely was. You can tell the wings have been brined as the citrus flavors of lemon, orange, and maybe even a hint of grapefruit (just guessing on the brine) come out and the strong garlic flavor really compliments the citrus on these wings. The grilled wings were near fall apart tender which is good because I like to actually bite into the wings and not have all the meat fall off of them before hand. You get a nice hint of smokey flavor as well, kind of like a left hook at the end after the first punch to your taste buds is the citrus and garlic, which is always good for grilled food.

The number one thing I really didn’t like about the grilled “Backyard” wings was the skin texture. Definitely not appealing at all. It was definitely more chewy and a little tougher to finish bites while my teeth are grinding away at the skin. Grilled wings are always going to have the challenge when compared to traditional deep fried wings to have the skin be crispy and crunchy vs. soft & chewy. I’ve had a fair share of grilled wings and this is the main pitfall that grilled wings face. If I grill chicken wings I usually try to direct sear and grill the skin crispy at the beginning and then offset cook the wings on grill while I load in some mesquite, hickory, or apple wood chunks to get some smoke while cranking up the heat to about 450.


All in all, the grilled “Backyard” wings are delicious to eat and full of flavor if you can get past the texture of non-crispy chicken wings. I definitely recommend people eat them, but maybe not at the same time as the Topgolf Wings which are fried. I do wish they’d offer the zesty garlic vinaigrette for the top golf wings but they don’t right now.

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