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Restaurant Name: STK Orlando
Address: 1580 Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL
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Orange Dream Cheesecake – March 23, 2018

I recently revisited STK Orlando while back in Orlando for the Arnold Palmer Invitational. My parents wanted me to take them out for dinner and we wanted to go somewhere nice in Disney and so I knew I had to take them back to STK – Orlando. In the post after this one I got the steak. This time around I wanted to try something new so for my dinner I actually did the beef rib meatloaf dinner which was awesome. I’m going to have to write about that sometime, but this update to this restaurant review is for the Orange Cream Cheesecake I had for dessert!

Orange Dream Cheesecake – bruleed oranges, whipped cream

This dessert was a little small so it doesn’t score high on my appearance points because it kinda got dwarfed by the plate. The burnt topping and orange slices and drizzle were nice touches but the dessert itself was still a little small for the plate. 

The taste of this dessert is just like the name…DREAMY! IT…WAS…AMAZING! Probably a close 2nd or 3rd favorite dessert is the dreamsickle which is basically orange and cream. I remember getting a dreamsickle from the ice cream man and absolutely loving it. I still to this day take orange soda and mix in some vanilla ice cream whenever I go to a Chinese buffet. The balanced flavors of tart and cream are straight delicious. 

Literally EVERY SINGLE BITE was just like eating a dreamsickle except not frozen. The graham cracker crust of the cheesecake was a great choice as it held together really well. Not a whole lot more to say about this dessert besides it is an ABSOLUTE MUST TRY if you go to STK – Orlando!

10 oz. Filet Mignon with Grilled Asparagus and Bleu Butter

Traveling by airplane can make Christmas present difficult to distribute, so a common go to for me is taking people out for some nice fine dining that they wouldn’t normally experience. I’ve been blessed lately at my job and that blessing is never meant for me to keep to myself but to also be a blessing and bring an experience that people may not usually get to enjoy. So taking my aunt and cousin to STK popped up on my radar as “Fine Dining Near Disney”.

The outdoor seating while we waited for our table to be cleaned was great and comfortable and a nice vibe overall. The perfect temperature and clear sky was a plus as well for the Disney Springs atmosphere. The menu at STK is traditional steakhouse, but they offer a variety of toppers and sauces. The bleu buttered sourdough bread was very tasty and got the taste buds salivating early. The special oil that came with it was unique and added some additional depth of flavor as well. 

I ordered us a side of the double smoked bacon which was basically cubed up pork belly that was smoked twice and came with some dates, tomatoes, & a very sweet BBQ sauce. It was an amazing explosion of flavors for the taste buds. My aunt ordered the coconut grilled shrimp, my cousin ordered the 12 oz New York Strip with the red wine sauce. I went for one of my favorite cuts of beef…the Filet Mignon. Got it with the bleu butter and some grilled asparagus.

10 oz Filet Mignon with Bleu Butter Sauce & grilled Asparagus.

This plate looked a little empty at first because it was just the filet and the dish of bleu butter as the asparagus came on its own plate. I moved the asparagus to the plate with the filet and looked better but failed to get a pic before cutting into the filet which came out PERFECTLY for medium-rare doneness (look at that center!?!?!?!).

The seared crust on the filet was solid but not tough and definitely flavor packed. The knives that came with the steak made cutting each slice of filet easy. The meat was tender, juicy, and the bleu butter sauce wasn’t necessary by any means, but definitely added the unique flavor that bleu cheese and butter can do to beef.

Very tough to find something “wrong” with this dish as it was pretty near perfect. Maybe the “emptiness” of the plate when it came out. A side of potatoes or a risotto of some sort would’ve been a good compliment to the plate and have it jump out more. 


STK Orlando is one of the best steak houses I’ve been to and I’ll definitely be coming back. It’s pricey…fine dining will do that, but when you celebrate and want to really treat family or guests or friends or a date or whomever to someplace special with a contemporary atmosphere and solid food, STK Orlando won’t disappoint.

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