Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ

Restaurant Name: Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q
Address: 2831 Greystone Commercial Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35242
Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

2 Meat Plate – January 6, 2018

The first blog post from my 10-day Christmas & New Years vacation that took place Christmas Eve 2017 and ended January 2, 2018. This years vacation I visited my aunt, cousin, and grandma in Florida for four days and then ventured back to my 2nd home of  Birmingham, Alabama to see friends there for five day.

I first lived in Birmingham back in 2005 and a portion of 2006 and it was such a life-changing experience that it always holds a special place for me. There’s always friends there to see and it’s super easy to relax and of course when in the south, there’s always going to be good food!

2 Meat Plate featuring pulled pork, hot links, mac n cheese, & greens

Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ is probably my favorite place in Birmingham to eat. It was one of the first places that I ate out at when I moved there the first time in 2005 and I’m always excited to return here every time I go back to Birmingham to visit.

When the plate comes to the table it looks very busy and looks like there’s a lot going on. It does that because this is A LOT of food! Easily a 1/3 LB of pulled pork, three pork sausage hot links, a side of mac n cheese, and a side of greens. The main thing that jumped out to me was the sausage hot links. That deep red color catches the eye so quickly. The pickle garnish on the pulled pork and the sausage is nice as well.

Flavor wise…this dish didn’t disappoint. I’ll start with my favorite dish on here…the hot link sausage. Flavorful, smokey, and a good crunch to the casing. Not a ton of visible seasoning in the sausage compared to other smoked sausage I’ve had, but it doesn’t hold back on flavor.

The pulled pork had a really solid smoke flavor to it. You could see the smoke ring “pink” color and taste it. It was moist and appealing to the eye. The pickles and the house BBQ sauce made for a very tangy, sweet, and smokey flavor experience in every bite.

When it comes to the side dishes…mac n cheese is a traditional BBQ side dish and greens is as well, but usually only down in the south. The sides tasted good and complimented the meats very well. Whether it be the saltiness of the greens or the creaminess of the mac n cheese, it was a great compliment to the BBQ. The greens had some pulled pork mixed in it for some additional flavor and the mac n cheese had some cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and melted for a nice contrasting color.

If I had to find a negative about this dish…I’d have to say the pulled pork was almost too moist. There was a good amount of juices in every bite which I guess you want, but it seemed like each bite would almost drip some juices. The mac n cheese could have used a contrasting texture of some sort like some bread crumbs or something else in the mac n cheese. Some grill and char marks on the hot links would’ve been nice to see as well.


Overall, Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ is a joint that will deliver quality and true BBQ that is full of flavor. When in Birmingham it is a MUST visit! Oh yeah…I forgot to mention they have some absolutely killer CHEDDAR BISCUITS!


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